Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Festival of Light and Gratitude

The Museum of Joy is having its very first event! Inspired by the fact that Thanksgiving and the first day of Hannukah fall on the same day for the last time in fifty thousand years, we're throwing a Festival of Light and Gratitude in the form of a luminary-lit labyrinth constructed at San Francisco's Baker Beach. (The labyrinth party was actually the idea of dancer Natalie Nayun, who is co-hosting the Festival. She's a pretty luminous presence herself, as you can see here.)

Labyrinths are the MOST AWESOME. Here's a lovely 
sunlit turf labyrinth in Yorkshire, England for your 
visual delectation. Photo by Simon Garbutt
Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.
The Festival is absolutely open to the public and everyone's invited! It starts at sundown on Friday, November 29th at Baker Beach in San Francisco and goes until all the candles burn out -- which, this being Hannukah and all, could be a VERY LONG TIME INDEED. There's a Facebook event, of course, and you can RSVP and learn more there.

We're super excited to be able to host this event, and we're hoping to make it a yearly tradition. Come walk the labyrinth, see the sun go down in splendid flames, and give thanks for whatever it is that keeps your light burning through the long dark.


  1. Wow. For a variety of reasons I almost always wish I didn't live in Wisconsin, and many times the place I WISH I lived was San Francisco, which is across the bay from where my father-in-law lives. I was in SF once in February, for a wedding. It was rainy and cold, 40 degrees. I loved it: back home, it was SNOWY and cold, 10 degrees. I'll take the former any day.

    Now I see that things like this exist. You know what we have around here? McDonald's playplaces, none of which are lit like that and most of which smell like kids' feet.

    1. hi Briane! I somehow missed your comment, so I'm terribly sorry I didn't reply sooner. Sounds like the place you live is ripe for some magical happenings. I can tell you that the labyrinth we built was made with luminaries, which are just paper lunch bags filled with sand and a tea light candle - and they look BEAUTIFUL in snow, even lovelier than they do in sand! There's no reason you couldn't take advantage of our colder, snowier winter and recruit friends & family to build something like this near you. It only took us a few hours with just a few people to build ours, and I'd be more than happy to provide info on how we did it if you'd like!


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