Tuesday, September 25, 2012

An Approaching Hibernation

Dear friends,

You may have noticed I have been seriously slacking on the blog posts (and, for those of you that pay attention to such things, the blog reading as well - I have managed to keep up with precisely zero of my favorite blogs in the last two weeks.) This is because life has suddenly gotten rather full of, well, shiny new museum-related excitement, which is to say the new job I've landed at The Exploratorium. Yup, two months to the day after I started volunteering, they hired me. The hours are long and a little crazy and I am blissfully overwhelmed with the newness and the bigness of it all, and so I'm gently putting this blog down for a nap while I get acclimatized, learn my way around, and start to spend my free time doing something other than taking friends to the museum on my days off to play with electricity and giant bubbles or running around SF eating as much sushi/udon/thai food as I can hold. (It's good to be back in California.) Hopefully by the time I get back to it, I'll have a bit more of a shape for this site too - a little more form and direction beyond ZOMG I WANT A MUSEUM HERE LOOK A PRETTY THING. I'll miss you in the meanwhile, but I'll be back, I promise. Keep the internet warm for me.



  1. Congratulations! I too am taking a break from the blog world. I wish it were for a job. Congratulations on yours! I will be in your neck of the woods in early October. Perhaps I will pop in and say hi.

    1. Yes! That would be wonderful! I'd be utterly thrilled.

  2. Well, bah!
    I'm happy for your shiny job, though.

    1. Aw, thanks, Andrew. I'll be back, I promise. How could I fail to return when I know you're hanging around being grumpy that I'm gone?

    2. Oh! and I did want to say that I haven't forgotten the book. I have one more book I have to finish first and then on to yours. I just haven't had much time for sitting at the computer and reading lately.

  3. Jesus...you people don't speak English very well unless you 're delivering messages about Billy Gunn - Teslagun.
    Other blogs are calling in that " Ship of Crows".
    Laprap to Sapop.
    Nye- Dot- Com.
    ( Dana- Fredst)

    1. This is the best spam comment of all time.

      Also, whatever the hell it's about, I am naming my next novel Ship of Crows. The end.

      And everyone in it is going to shoot Teslaguns.

      Oh, this is awesome.


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